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October 12, 2023
April 9, 2024
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Providing excellent customer support is essential for all businesses today. However, solely relying on traditional text-based support channels often leaves customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

Integrating visual customer support videos throughout the customer journey has become a must for delivering quick, clear resolutions and premium service experiences. This guide will explore how to implement video across your support workflows to resolve issues faster, improve satisfaction, and strengthen retention.

The Power of Customer Support Videos

Well-produced support videos offer many benefits:

Faster Issue Resolution

Visual walkthroughs and tutorials resolve problems better than text alone.

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Seeing issues quickly fixed improves perception of support quality.

Increased Loyalty and Retention 

Positive support experiences make customers more likely to stay and buy again.

Enhanced Onboarding 

Videos aid new user setup and calibration for optimal product adoption.

Expanded Self-Service 

Video FAQs reduce simple queries to support teams. Customers help themselves.

Deeper Personal Connections 

Adding a human face via video support creates stronger relationships.

What is Customer Support? 

Customer support involves providing assistance to users before, during, and after purchase. Areas of focus include:

Technical Support 

Helping customers troubleshoot product problems, malfunctions, and usability issues.

Customer Success 

Guiding customers to effectively utilize products through training and optimization.

Account Management 

Managing ongoing customer relationships, upselling, renewals, and retention.

Customer Service 

Answering general inquiries, providing purchasing assistance, and addressing complaints.

The overarching goal is maximizing satisfaction at every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle.

Ways to Incorporate Video 

Here are seven impactful ways to integrate video into customer support workflows:

Knowledge Base Video Tutorials 

Create libraries of on-demand how-to videos to address frequently asked questions and common issues. Deflect simple queries from live support.

HighQ Knowledge Base Video Tutorials

Screencast Video Replies 

Record screen video replies showing customers exact steps to resolve support tickets. Asynchronous video support speeds resolution.

Screencast Video Reply

Thank You Follow-Up Videos 

Send quick personalized thank you videos following support interactions to delight customers.

Stack Overflow Thank You Follow-Up Video

Onboarding Tutorials 

Guide new customers through account setup, configuration, and first steps with tailored video walkthroughs.

Spiti Onboarding Tutorials

Customer Case Studies 

Produce video success stories showcasing customers achieving outcomes using your product or service. Build credibility.

Amazon Customer Case Study

Live Video Chat Support 

Provide urgent or high-touch support via one-on-one video chat connections.

Live Video Chat Support

Training Videos 

Educate support agents on service skills, tools, and new features with engaging team training videos.

Training Videos Platform

Video Support Metrics 

Key metrics to track include:

Video Viewership 

Monitor video viewership across knowledge base, campaigns, live chats, and channels.

Resolution Rate 

Measure the percentage of support tickets resolved via video. Benchmark effectiveness.

Net Promoter Score 

Gauge willingness to recommend your company based on video support experience.

Customer Churn 

Track churn rate differences between video and non-video support users.

Customer Satisfaction 

Survey satisfaction ratings from video support recipients.

Support Costs 

Analyze support expenditure differences for video vs non-video users.

Video Support Tools 

These tools streamline creating and managing videos across support teams:


Vidyard allows recording personalized video messages directly within email and CRM platforms. Track viewing analytics.


Host your growing support video library on Wistia. Use its analytics to optimize content. Integrates into web and CRM.


Quickly record bite-sized tutorial videos and share via embeddable Loom links. Chrome extension available.


Soapbox by Wistia Chrome extension enables easy screen recording and hosting for video knowledge bases.

HubSpot Video 

Record one-click videos, host video libraries, and track viewing metrics natively within HubSpot CRM.


Send videos through email right from your CRM with BombBomb's integration for personal customer communications.

Optimizing Your Video Support 

Follow these tips:

Maintain Updated Libraries 

Audit old videos and refresh outdated information regularly. Keep content aligned with current product capabilities.

Promote Video Usage 

Proactively provide video links versus waiting for requests. Redirect common inquiries to relevant tutorials.

Track Analytics 

Monitor video viewing metrics to identify popular versus unused content. Double down on what works.

Survey Customers 

Ask for feedback on video support experience. Identify areas for improvement.

Diversify Video Types 

Combine tutorials, case studies, live chat, and interactives for varied support video content.

Measure Support Efficiency 

Analyze metrics like issue resolution rates for video users compared to non-video.

Enhance Support Videos with Screen Story

Screen Story's AI-powered templates, automated enhancements like cursor tracking, and quick export capabilities empower teams to make polished, professional support videos with minimal effort.

Accelerate your video support output while delivering a smooth customer experience by trying Screen Story's innovative automated video creation platform for free.



Customer support videos enable faster response times, improved issue resolution, and premium service experiences. Follow best practices for integrating video across knowledge bases, live chat, onboarding, training, and all support touchpoints. Measure data like resolution rate and NPS to optimize your video support strategy. Combined with the right tools, video support unlocks new levels of customer satisfaction leading to loyalty, retention, and revenue growth.

Create stunning videos with Screen Story

Record your screen with audio and create stunning videos without editing skills. Screen Story applies the best design patterns to the video automatically.

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