Welcome to the Screen Story guide!

Screen Story allows you to create beautiful screen recordings as if a professional animation studio created them. That’s the best solution for entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and anyone who wants to create fantastic product videos, tutorials, education videos, presentations, social media stories, and more ⚡

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about Screen Story features and how to use them properly.

If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Getting started

Download the app

First, you need to do is to download the app from here. Drag and drop the app into the applications folder.

First launch

When you launch the app, it will request Accessibility and Screen recording permission. Allow everything and you are ready to create your first Screen recording 🥳

Screen Recording

To access the application while it is already running, simply click on the icon in the menu bar (on top) or choose the application from dock (bottom).

Select Window

Now you need to select a Window or Application that you want to record. Click on the Change screen button.

Find the window that you want to record and press the button Select screen

Starting and finishing the recording

When you are ready, you can start recording using the “Record” button. To stop the recording click the “app icon” at the bottom (Dock) or the red button at the top (Menu bar).

Once you're done recording, you can edit your video.

Editing the recording

Video crop

In order to crop a video, use Сrop area. Select part of the original recording that will be used for all the animations.

Trimming video

In order to crop a video, use Сrop area. Select part of the original recording that will be used for all the animations.

Background customization

You can always customize the background behind the video, it would make the video more unique and engaging. Also on that page, you can adjust background spacing to ensure that all elements of the app are recognizable.

Border Radius

Using the Border radius feature you can adjust the rounding of the corners of the recorded app.

Cursor Settings

You can switch from the MacOS cursor to the Touch cursor in the Cursor type menu.

Using the Cursor size menu you can adjust the size of the cursor to improve the accessibility of your video. Or you can even hide it :)


Screen Story seamlessly generates zooms in response to the user's mouse clicks during recording. These suggested zooms are conveniently displayed as blue rectangles on the timeline. To adjust the duration of each zoom, simply drag its edges and fine-tune its settings through the dedicated zoom menu.

Also, you can create custom zooms by clicking on the zoom timeline area.

Auto Zoom

Just before you click the zoom effect occurs. An example of this type of zooms is below.

Manual Zoom

To zoom in on a specific area, such as checkbox statuses or text typing, you can use the Manual Zoom feature. By simply clicking on the zoom timeline at the desired moment, you can activate the Manual Zoom functionality. Once activated, you can adjust the Zoom level and zoom options according to your preferences. This allows you to focus on and examine the chosen area with greater clarity.

Adjusting the zooms

To adjust the zoom click on the blue rectangle that you want to change. You can choose how the camera should follow the mouse while zooming in.

Option Auto minimizes camera movement for cursor visibility.

Option Movement option enables constant zoom following the position of the mouse. Ensure that it doesn't cause motion sickness for your users.

Option Manual allows you manually pick the part of the video that will be zoomed in.

Zoom level feature allows you to increase or decrease the level of magnification, bringing the zoomed object closer or farther away.

Export your masterpiece

You are ready to export your video? Congratulations! 🎉

Select the format, FPS (frames per second, the more FPS the smoother the video), quality, and speed of the video. Click Export. It will take some time to render depending on your setup.