Video presentations software by Screen Story

Create standing-out video presentations

The easiest way to create compelling and engaging video presentations

Create high-quality video presentations. No video editing skills needed

Before Screen Story:
you need to edit video presentations
After Screen Story:
the tool automatically applies magic to your videos
Smooth Cursor
Get a handcraft studio quality feel of the animation of the cursor automatically. Newton physics applied.
AutoZoom & AutoFollow clicks
Screen story automatically creates AutoZooms animations on part of your video recording. That saves you tons of time and video looks more engaging.
Motion blur
Apply motion blur to your animations, making the video feel more smooth.
Background & window frame
Choose from variety of backgrounds, to match your brand guidelines and stand our from the crowd.
Cursor settings
Delete your cursor completely from the video. Or change your cursor type and use Screen Story for mobile demo. Works perfectly with iPhone simulator on your Mac.
Record videos and gifs
Record screen and choose between a variety of export options. Gif, mp4, 60 FPS, 4K.
Record your voice
Record your voice to add more dynamic and information to your videos
Selfie Camera support
Record yourself and switch between you, the screen, or both at once - with amazing animations.
AI Captions
Boost engagement by applying auto-captions to your videos. These captions are generated locally, without the need for an internet connection.

Benefits of using Sсreen Story for Video Presentations

Need a lot of time to produce high-quality video presentations
Complex or ultra-primitive software
No video editor or video freelancer on the team
Regular Screen recording has a small image scale and laggy cursor
5-10 minutes to create a video presentation
Create a video presentation for your product and get more user engagement
AutoZooms and Cursor setting
Make your onboarding video easy and clean for employees with smart zooms and customized cursor
Professional looking video
The tool does everything for you; you only need to make a recording. Make edits when you want

How to make video presentations

Step 1: Record

Select the window or the entire screen that you want to record and optionally choose your webcam or microphone

Step 2: Magic

Once the recording is complete, Screen Story works its magic by generating stunning AutoZooms and ensuring smooth cursor behavior effortlessly

Step 3: Customize

Personalize your recording by cropping the image, selecting backgrounds, adjusting cursor size, applying motion blur to animations, and achieving a flawless screen recording

Designed for MacOS. Want Windows OS version?

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Need something cleared up?
Here are our most frequently asked questions.
What is Video Presentation?

A video presentation is a visual and audio-based format where information or ideas are conveyed through a combination of slides, images, text, and narration. It is a dynamic way to deliver content and engage viewers.

Why is Video Presentation Effective?

Video presentations are effective because they combine visual and auditory elements, making information more engaging and memorable. They allow for storytelling, demonstrations, and can evoke emotions, enhancing audience understanding and retention.

How to Create a Good Video Presentation?

To create a good video presentation:
1. Plan your content and structure.
2. Create visually appealing slides or visuals.
3. Use clear and concise messaging.
4. Incorporate engaging visuals, graphics, and animations.
5. Practice your delivery and ensure good audio quality.
6. Edit and refine your presentation for clarity and impact.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Video Presentation?

A good video presentation has the following characteristics:
1. Clear and organized structure.
2. Concise and focused messaging.
3. Engaging visuals that support the content.
4. Well-paced and fluent delivery.
5. High-quality audio and visuals.
6. Relevant and compelling content that resonates with the audience.

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