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Create content in efficient way, day in day, without editing skills. Record video as you usually do, and Screen Story applies all best design patterns to the video.
Is Windows version ready?

We are working on Windows version. Stay tuned and leave your email to be the first who gets it. Currently, only macOS version is available.

Do you plan to create new features?

Yes, we are constantly developing new features. Currently, we are working on AI Captions that are created on your device without internet connection. Additionally, we are implementing MultiCamera Layouts to enhance the dynamism of videos by changing how your webcam appears in the recorded video: Fullscreen, Horizontal, or overlaid on the screen recording.

Here you can find the Changelog (we send a biweekly email to all app users with the latest updates).

Can I record Voice Over or Selfie?

Yes, you can record your screen, webcam, microphone, use an iPhone as an external camera, or any other camera/microphone. You can also record system audio, such as audio from YouTube videos, in high quality.

Can I record mobile apps?

Yes, you can! Use the magic of the app with Xcode simulator and crop functions. Here's a helpful guide.

Will it record citrix-walled screen?

Absolutely! Our app is designed to be compatible with multiple displays.

Can I try the app before purchase?

Certainly! You can trial all app features for free. We only ask for your payment details before video rendering.

Can I record System Audio?


Do you have link sharing?

Not currently. If you wish for this feature, please drop us a line and explain your use case.