Screencast software by Screen Story

Mac Screencast Software

Create captivating and engaging screencast effortlessly

Create high-quality videos.
No video editing skills needed

Before Screen Story:
you need to edit videos manually
After Screen Story:
the tool automatically applies magic to your videos
Smooth Cursor
Get a handcraft studio quality feel of the animation of the cursor automatically. Newton physics applied.
AutoZoom & AutoFollow clicks
Screen story automatically creates AutoZooms animations on part of your video recording. That saves you tons of time and video looks more engaging.
Motion blur
Apply motion blur to your animations, making the video feel more smooth.
Background & window frame
Choose from variety of backgrounds, to match your brand guidelines and stand our from the crowd.
Cursor settings
Delete your cursor completely from the video. Or change your cursor type and use Screen Story for mobile demo. Works perfectly with iPhone simulator on your Mac.
Record videos and gifs
Record screen and choose between a variety of export options. Gif, mp4, 60 FPS, 4K.
Record your voice
Record your voice to add more dynamic and information to your videos
Selfie Camera support
Record yourself and switch between you, the screen, or both at once - with amazing animations.
AI Captions
Boost engagement by applying auto-captions to your videos. These captions are generated locally, without the need for an internet connection.

Designed for MacOS. Want Windows OS version?

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Need something cleared up?
Here are our most frequently asked questions.
What is Screencast Software?

Screencast software, like Screen Story, is a tool that allows you to capture and record your computer screen, along with audio, to create informative videos, tutorials, presentations, and more.

How Screencast Works?

Screencasting works by capturing the visuals and audio of your computer screen as you perform actions or explain concepts. The screencast software records these activities in real-time, saving them as a video file that can be edited, shared, or published.

Is Screencast Screen Mirroring?

No, screencasting is not the same as screen mirroring. While screen mirroring duplicates your screen onto another device, screencasting involves recording and capturing your screen activities to create a video presentation or tutorial.

How Do You Screencast on a Mac?

To screencast on a Mac using Screen Story:
1. Launch Screen Story on your Mac.
2. Choose the desired recording area, such as full screen or specific application window.
3. Configure audio settings for capturing system audio or external microphone.
4. Start the recording and perform the actions you want to capture.
5. Stop the recording when finished, and save the screencast to your preferred location.

What is the Disadvantage of Screencast?

One disadvantage of screencasting is that it requires sufficient computer resources, particularly processing power and storage space, to handle the recording and rendering of videos. Additionally, extensive editing and post-production may be necessary to create polished screencasts.

Why Use Screen Casting?

Screen casting is beneficial for various purposes, including creating tutorials, software demonstrations, educational content, product reviews, and training materials. It allows you to visually explain complex concepts, engage your audience, and share information effectively.

How Long Can a Screencast Be?

The length of a screencast can vary depending on your needs and the content you are recording. Screen Story allows you to record screencasts of any duration, accommodating both short clips and longer videos as per your requirements.

Does Screencast Have Audio?

Yes, screencasts can include audio. With Screen Story, you have the option to capture system audio, such as computer sound or application audio, as well as record audio through an external microphone. This enables you to create comprehensive screencasts with synchronized audio narration or explanations.

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