How to Launch a New Product on Social Media Using Videos

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December 6, 2023
April 17, 2024
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Video is an extremely effective medium for introducing and promoting new products through social media. Compared to static image and text posts, video tends to generate higher engagement, shares, and interest on social platforms.

Why Video is Essential for Product Launches on Social Media

There are several key reasons why video works so well for product launches on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn:

  • Virality - Videos are inherently more shareable, attention-grabbing, and likely to spread organically compared to other content formats in busy social feeds.
  • Storytelling - Video provides the ability to bring a new product launch narrative to life visually and compellingly through sight, sound and motion.
  • Demonstration - The medium allows showing how a product looks, functions and its value proposition better than words alone.
  • Personability - Videos lend products a human touch and face through things like founder introductions, customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes clips.
  • Stop Scrolling - With billions of pieces of content constantly competing for attention on social media, video offers a break in the scrolling and ability to capture focus.
  • Mobile Optimization - Video is a natural fit for the on-the-go, vertical mobile social media experience on today's smartphones.

Because of these strengths, creative video strategies need to be core pillar of any new product launch on social platforms.

Elements of a Social Media Product Launch Strategy Centered on Video

The key to maximizing video's impact for your product rollout is taking an overarching strategic approach. Consider incorporating these elements:

Identify Target Audiences and Platforms

Research who your ideal customer and influencer profiles are. Determine which 1-3 social platforms they are most active and responsive on. Focus efforts there.

Set Goals and KPIs

Define specific measurable goals for the product launch campaign whether awareness, consideration, pre-orders, site traffic, or other objectives. Establish key performance indicators to track how videos help drive those outcomes.

Map Out a Content Roadmap

Plan the sequencing and timing of different videos you will release in the build-up, launch event, and post-launch phases. Coordinate video content with PR, influencer seeding, ads, email marketing, and other efforts for an integrated strategy.

Promotional Strategy

Determine the most effective owned, earned, and paid distribution tactics on each platform to drive views, engagement, and conversions from your video content.

Sentiment Tracking

Monitor social conversations, comments, reviews, mentions and trends surrounding the product reveal. Gauge consumer reactions and adjust messaging or strategy accordingly.

Types of Product Launch Videos to Create

Different video formats and creative approaches are preferable for each phase of promoting a new product intro on social media. Consider producing these video assets as part of your content roadmap:

Teaser Trailers

Slack Teaser Trailer Thumbnail

In the pre-announcement and hype phase, publish short, intriguing video teasers revealing some key details or features to prime interest.

Sneak Peek Demos

DiviWooPro Sneak Peak Demo Thumbnail

Release brief demos previewing the product functionality, user experience, key components, and more to continue building anticipation leading up to launch.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Post fun BTS videos of the product design stage, development phases, concept work, prototyping, team culture and passion to give audiences insider access.

Influencer Early Reviews

iPhone 12 Unboxing and Early Impressions on Dave2D Youtube channel

Send product samples to key influencers in exchange for authentic video reviews, reactions, unboxings, and endorsements helping validate the product.

Official Launch Video

Google Home Official Launch Video Thumbnail

Develop a slick, polished hero video creatively showcasing the product and its value proposition upon launch. Share it prominently across social channels.


Origins Story Video

Humanize the product by conveying the founders' vision, purpose, passion and journey behind bringing the idea to reality.

Customer Testimonials

Compile authentic user-generated video reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and real customer reactions demonstrating satisfaction with the product.

Tutorials/How-To Videos

Produce an ongoing series of helpful videos providing step-by-step instructions for using the product, integrating it, troubleshooting issues, and more.

Best Practices for Developing Engaging Product Launch Videos

Keep these tips in mind when conceptualizing and producing videos to support a new product introduction on social media:

  • Convey the core value proposition, purpose, and benefits clearly and succinctly. Emphasize the user problem being solved.
  • Incorporate high-quality, visually compelling footage representing the product nicely from multiple angles.
  • Communicate top-level messaging as briefly and clearly as possible. Avoid dense, overly complex clips.
  • Consider vertical viewing and smaller screens when formatting videos. Ensure all text, graphics and CTAs translate well on mobile.
  • Use interactive elements like polls, questions, calls to comment or share to spark engagement.
  • Take a raw, transparent approach to give fans authentic behind-the-scenes access rather than overly polished, corporate videos.
  • Maintain consistent branding, logo usage, tone, etc. across videos to reinforce identity.
  • Use captions, graphics, music, B-roll, animations, visual transitions and other elements creatively to develop an engaging, dynamic viewing experience.

Promoting Product Launch Videos on Social Media

Distributing videos through both owned and paid tactics is essential to driving views, shares, and conversions from target audiences. Options include:

  • Post videos natively on brand owned profiles. Encourage employees to share socially as well.
  • Run paid video ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat. Retarget engaged users.
  • Identify relevant influencers to receive the product early in exchange for video reviews, unboxings, tutorials, etc.
  • Host videos on your website and embed them prominently on key product pages.
  • Promote user generated video creation through social contests and giveaways.
  • Conduct live video demos, Q&As, conversations with the team via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok live video.
  • Distribute videos via email newsletters, marketing automation workflows, text message campaigns, paid ads.
  • Retarget website visitors who engaged with product launch content but didn't convert.

Measuring Product Video Performance and Optimizing Efforts

Analyzing key performance metrics is crucial for gauging video effectiveness and guiding an evolving content strategy. Assess:

  • Video views, impressions, reach
  • View rate
  • Completion rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Sales impact
  • Sentiment trends
  • Audience growth

Regularly review analytics reports to identify best performing video content, platforms, promotiotnal tactics, etc. Refine your social video strategy for future product launches accordingly through continual testing and optimization.

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