How to Record Videos and Video Calls on Facebook: A Handy Guide

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January 30, 2024
December 8, 2023
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Facebook has become a platform not just for casual posts but also live events, video calls, interviews, and more. You may find yourself wanting to record and save Facebook videos or Messenger calls for various reasons - from preserving memories to repurposing content. But can you record videos on Facebook?

In this handy guide, we'll explore different methods to record Facebook videos, live streams, and video calls on both desktop and mobile. 

Reasons to Record Facebook Videos

Here are some examples of why you may want to record Facebook videos or calls:

  • Save special moments and events to rewatch
  • Keep records of important conversations or interviews
  • Use clips for permitted personal projects or compositions
  • Repurpose content for things like tutorials or lessons
  • Troubleshoot technical issues by examining footage
  • Monitor social media activity involving your brand

While downloading others' videos outright is restricted, short third party recordings only for personal use are typically permitted. Now let's look at your recording options.

How to Record Facebook Videos on PC and Mac

When accessing Facebook on your Windows PC or Mac, you can use desktop screen recording tools to capture videos.

 How to Record Facebook Videos on Windows

Apps like Filmora Screen Video Recorder and Bandicam allow recording your on-screen activity including audio. Browser extensions like Awesome Screenshot & Recorder also offer quick recording and screenshots.

How to Record Facebook Videos on Mac

QuickTime Player provides basic screen recording capabilities. More advanced apps like Screen Story and Camtasia enable custom recordings.

For easy capture of anything on the Facebook website, browser-based recorders are very convenient. But for more control, a specialized app like Screen Story is ideal.

Recording Facebook Videos on Mobile

Your iPhone or Android phone also provides built-in ways to screen record.

How to Record Facebook Videos on iPhone

Record Facebook Videos on iPhone

Access the Control Center by swiping down (or up, if your Iphone has Home Button) and press Start Recording to capture your screen. You can include microphone audio. Tap the red status bar to stop recording.

 How to Record Facebook Videos on Android

Record Facebook Videos on Android

Android 10 and above include quick settings screen recording. On older versions install a recorder app like AZ Screen Recorder.

While quick and easy, mobile recording lacks more advanced customization features. Let's look at recording options for Facebook Messenger.

How to Record Facebook Messenger Video Calls

To capture video chats on the Facebook Messenger mobile app, you can again use your device's screen recording capability.

How to Record Facebook Video Calls on iOS

Follow the same process using the Control Center during a Messenger video call to record. You can then find the MP4 file in your Camera Roll (or Recents).

How to Record Facebook Video Calls on Android

Enable screen recording in Settings to access it in Quick Settings. Start recording before a Messenger video call, then stop after. The file will save to your Photos.

This allows capturing your Messenger conversations. But for more production value, a dedicated app like Screen Story shines...

Advanced Recording with Screen Story

Screen Story provides a fast, frictionless approach to recording high quality Facebook videos, optimized specifically for Mac. Let's overview its benefits:

One-Click Instant Recording

Instantly capture any Facebook video or Messenger call with just a single click. System audio is included.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Simultaneously record your webcam reaction feed alongside Facebook.

Auto Zoom Reactions

Screen Story will detect faces and automatically zoom in on reactions for emphasis.

Polished Cursor Effects

Bring your mouse clicks and typing to life with elegant highlighting and animations.

Built-In Editing Suite

Trim, arrange, and export recordings without switching apps. Add titles, graphics, and music.

Let's look at easily capturing videos on Facebook using Screen Story's purpose-built recording and editing features.

How to Record Facebook Videos with Screen Story

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Download and install Screen Story on your Mac. Allow microphone access when launching the app.

First Launching Screen Story

Step 2

Select your webcam (if needed).

Launching Screen Story

Step 3

Click Record to begin capturing your webcam video and system audio.

Start Screen Recording in Screen Story

Step 4

Switch to the Facebook site or Messenger app. Screen Story will record your Facebook video or call in the background.

Step 5

Pause or stop recording when done. Trim and export your video from Screen Story's editing suite.

With just a couple clicks, Screen Story enables you to grab great footage from Facebook, enhanced with professional touches.

FAQs About Facebook Video Recording

Some frequently asked questions about capturing Facebook videos:

Does Facebook notify you if someone records your video?

No, there are no notifications when someone uses third party software to record your public videos on Facebook.

Is it legal to record Facebook videos?

You can record short clips from public videos on Facebook for personal use under fair use laws. Distributing full copied videos is illegal.

Where are Facebook video recordings saved?

Desktop apps save recordings locally on your computer or the cloud. Mobile recordings save to your device's camera roll or gallery.

What video formats do Facebook recordings use?

Built-in tools and apps like Screen Story record in MP4 format.

How do you share a recorded Facebook video?

Import the video file to a hosting site, or attach it to an email or message.

Enhance Your Facebook Videos with Screen Story

Whether you want to save special Facebook moments or repurpose content into new videos, recording capabilities offer many creative possibilities. While built-in tools provide basic recording, advanced software like Screen Story takes it further with powerful yet easy-to-use features to capture compelling videos from Facebook in minutes. Give it a try next time you want to save footage from Facebook on your Mac!

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