How to Screen Record a Zoom Meeting with Ease

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November 23, 2023
April 9, 2024
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Virtual meetings are now the norm, and platforms like Zoom have become indispensable for remote work and collaboration. But while Zoom offers hassle-free video conferencing, many users wonder - can you screen record a Zoom meeting?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various methods for capturing Zoom calls with audio using built-in tools as well as third party recorders.

Using Zoom's Built-In Recorder

The Zoom desktop app includes a straightforward way to screen record meetings via the built-in recorder. Here's how it works:

For Meeting Hosts

As the host, click the Record button to start capturing the Zoom meeting. A notice indicates the session is being recorded. Hit Record again when finished.

Start capturing the Zoom meeting as Host

For Participants

Participants can only record if the host grants permission. With permission enabled, click the Record icon to start and stop capturing the meeting.


  • Easy one-click recording right within Zoom
  • Host has full recording control
  • Local or cloud storage options


  • Limited customization of recordings
  • Audio-only participants hear a voice prompt when recording starts
  • Requires host permission for participants
  • Banner indicating recording can distract some presenters

While convenient, Zoom's built-in tool lacks options for participants and customization. Third party apps can provide more flexibility.

How to Record Zoom with Screen Recording Software

Using dedicated screen recording software is an alternative approach to capturing Zoom meetings. Options like Screen Story offer additional capabilities beyond Zoom's basics.


Benefits of Screen Story

  • Record without host permission required
  • Customize recording layout and quality
  • Enhance recordings with annotations, cursor effects, etc.
  • Edit recordings and export to various formats
  • Add webcams, microphone audio, system audio
  • Schedule recordings in advance

Screen Story provides a fast, elegant approach optimized for screen recording Zoom meetings on Mac. Let's look at its standout benefits:

One-Click Recording

With just a single click, instantly capture any Zoom meeting with audio from system, microphone, or both.

Picture-in-Picture Layouts

Record your webcam feed alongside your Zoom call in customized configurations.

Enhanced Cursor Effects

Emphasize mouse movements and clicks with automated bounce, hover, and highlight animations.

Auto Zoom Reactions

Screen Story will detect faces and automatically zoom in on reactions for added emphasis.

Built-In Editing Suite

Trim, filter, adjust, and export your Zoom recordings without leaving Screen Story.

Let's walk through how to use Screen Story to seamlessly capture Zoom meetings.

How to Record Zoom with Screen Story

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Download and install Screen Story on your Mac. Allow microphone access when launching the app.

Launching Screen Story

Step 2

Select your desired Picture-in-Picture layout showing your reaction cam feed alongside Zoom.

Step 3

Select your Zoom app as a Single window (or switch to Entire display), Click Record to begin capturing your webcam video and system audio, and proceed with your meeting as normal while Screen Story records.

Selecting Window for Screen Recording
Start Screen Recording in Screen Story

Step 4

Stop recording when your Zoom call ends.

Step 5

Trim the start and end of the recording as needed, then export to share!

With just a couple clicks, you can reliably record Zoom meetings enhanced with pro touches like automated zooms and cursor effects using Screen Story.

FAQs About Zoom Meeting Recording

Some common questions about capturing those vital Zoom sessions:

Does Zoom notify when you record a meeting?

Yes, Zoom's built-in recording displays an on-screen banner and audio prompt indicating the meeting is being recorded.

Can you record Zoom meetings without others knowing?

Third party apps allow recording Zoom without notifications or permission from the host. But notify participants beforehand if possible.

Where are Zoom meeting recordings stored?

Zoom saves recordings locally on your computer or in the cloud if you have a paid Zoom plan. External apps save to your selected local folder.

What video format do Zoom recordings use?

Zoom's built-in tool records as MP4 video. Apps like Screen Story allow picking from formats like MP4, MOV, GIF and more.

How do you share a recorded Zoom meeting?

Import the video file into a video hosting site, email it directly, or use Screen Story's built-in sharing options.

Streamline Your Zoom Recording Workflow

Capturing important Zoom discussions, presentations, trainings and other events provides immense value for productivity and engagement. While Zoom's built-in tool offers no-fuss recording, third party apps like Screen Story provide more flexibility and control. Specifically designed to optimize and enhance Zoom meeting recordings, Screen Story simplifies grabbing shareable videos that inform and delight viewers. Give it a try for your next must-capture Zoom session.

Create stunning videos with Screen Story

Record your screen with audio and create stunning videos without editing skills. Screen Story applies the best design patterns to the video automatically.

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